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My friends and I watched the Tabletop episode(s) of Betrayal at House on the Hill and were super excited to add it to our rotation for game night.  However, when we looked online, the only thing we could find was a first edition game on EBay for several hundred dollars.  We were disappointed, but we kept the faith.

A month later, my friend was wandering through our local game store and what could possibly be sitting on the shelf?  Could it be a box of fun and adventure?  Well, no, this is Betrayal we’re talking about.  It’s a box of fun and angst and death.  Which we were still totally psyched about.

On our first run-through, the traitor became the Rat King.  It was three on one (and his toothy minions), and when the Haunt began, two of us were already almost dead from lack of sanity, standing right in front of the Pentagram Chamber (where the traitor was trying to get to) in a dark and impossible corner of the basement, while our healthy tank was three full turns away from getting to us.  The only good thing was that we were in the Wine Cellar, so we decided our characters would shotgun a few ancient bottles of merlot to calm their nerves, and then die face-down in the wine puddles on the floor.  Needless to say, the two of us went down in an unholy battle of blood and rat bits, with our hero arriving approximately ten seconds after we died to kill the traitor - the sole survivor of a horrifying massacre that will haunt him for the rest of his days!  So basically, exactly like every horror movie you’ve ever seen.  

I utterly loved this game, mainly because everyone is always losing.  You never feel like someone is kicking ass or doing well, it’s just a question of who’s the least screwed at any moment.  Gameplay is really straightforward and easy, and the game itself is incredibly entertaining.  Not to mention the advantage of being able to replay it ten times and never get the same story twice.

Thanks so much to Wil Wheaton and the rest of the Tabletop crew for introducing us to this amazing game.  The next picture we submit will be of one of us weeping on a pile of minion counters.

Played a junior-ized version of “Ticket to Ride” with my nephew again this afternoon and I was joined by Mrs Rumleech and Hannah. He had a heck of a lot of fun with it and he’s eager for another game. Next time I’ll introduce some more of the full rules, I think he’ll cope.

He was more interested in making patterns on the board and laying lines of his favourite colours than playing tactically but that’ll come all in good time, which meant that Mrs Rumleech could romp home to an easy victory which pleased her lots.

The Sunday before Easter, cggardner and I went to an impromptu game night at novella152001 house to play some Munchkin and eat cake. Charles had made a strawberry cake with Smurf icing and I was having none of it. After catching up, we started our game. It got pretty intense when Sarah tried to gank me when I went to kill my first monster. At the end, with everyone tied at 9 and novella152001 tried really hard to kill my character so I couldn’t win. But I gotcggardner to help, and him being an elf also gained a level. So we both won in a tie. Leaving novella152001 all alone in the loser’s circle.

How we roll on the holiday!  Thanks to Tabletop, the family’s been hooked on Pandemic, Munchkins and a few others!  Thanks Wil!

-The Brundrett Family

It’s a Ticket to Ride Easter party! Amanda is 5-0 at this game.  Time to take her down.

Our epic 3 hour long catan ends is victory for the parent! (me)  long live emperor Daddy! 

Smash Up on Easter.

One of the many games we`ve played because of TableTop. Big THANK YOU!

On a 3x3 foot mat, this is what happens when nerds play with no fear.

I’m a fast strong smart radioactive plague zombie wearing Christmas lights…

For Easter this year, instead of getting together for a short time on Sunday after church we decide to spend Saturday night all together. There were nine of us all together so we set up two tables of Ticket to Ride. At one table we had the United States map, and at another we had the European map. My grandma had never played before…she went into it thinking it would be too hard for her, and she’d never be able to pick it up. We started her on the U.S map, and she smoked us! She ended up winning with a 50 point lead over the rest!!

It was so cool hearing everyone playing together and laughing together. We’ve been through a lot in the last few months personally with surgeries and health scares; this time we were able to be together helped us forget about all of that, and let us enjoy being together and playing more games!!

Thanks Wil for expanding my tabletop gaming horizons! Can’t wait for season three!