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Played a junior-ized version of “Ticket to Ride” with my nephew again this afternoon and I was joined by Mrs Rumleech and Hannah. He had a heck of a lot of fun with it and he’s eager for another game. Next time I’ll introduce some more of the full rules, I think he’ll cope.

He was more interested in making patterns on the board and laying lines of his favourite colours than playing tactically but that’ll come all in good time, which meant that Mrs Rumleech could romp home to an easy victory which pleased her lots.

The Sunday before Easter, cggardner and I went to an impromptu game night at novella152001 house to play some Munchkin and eat cake. Charles had made a strawberry cake with Smurf icing and I was having none of it. After catching up, we started our game. It got pretty intense when Sarah tried to gank me when I went to kill my first monster. At the end, with everyone tied at 9 and novella152001 tried really hard to kill my character so I couldn’t win. But I gotcggardner to help, and him being an elf also gained a level. So we both won in a tie. Leaving novella152001 all alone in the loser’s circle.

25 years of me running Star Wars Roleplaying Game in Malaysia.

Top: Sometime around April 1989, with West End Games’ Star Wars D6.

Bottom: Today (April 2014), with Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars Edge of the Empire.

Smash Up on Easter.

One of the many games we`ve played because of TableTop. Big THANK YOU!

I’m a fast strong smart radioactive plague zombie wearing Christmas lights…

For Easter this year, instead of getting together for a short time on Sunday after church we decide to spend Saturday night all together. There were nine of us all together so we set up two tables of Ticket to Ride. At one table we had the United States map, and at another we had the European map. My grandma had never played before…she went into it thinking it would be too hard for her, and she’d never be able to pick it up. We started her on the U.S map, and she smoked us! She ended up winning with a 50 point lead over the rest!!

It was so cool hearing everyone playing together and laughing together. We’ve been through a lot in the last few months personally with surgeries and health scares; this time we were able to be together helped us forget about all of that, and let us enjoy being together and playing more games!!

Thanks Wil for expanding my tabletop gaming horizons! Can’t wait for season three!

Playing these and cursing at eachother

My wife and I found a craft organizer at the store the other day. Immediately our minds went to “we can organize Catan with this.” We have the seafarers expansion, plus the 5-6 expansions for regular and seafarers. All the small pieces fit perfectly, and found a use for that bumper sticker. Now to find something to hold all the map tiles and borders. 

We got together with the super awesome folks of Ballista Games to bring International TableTop Day to Cebu City! This is the first time Tabletop day is being celebrated in our island under the sun. Since the board game events that we host have always been themed, we decided to make TT Day a day to celebrate Medieval and Fantasy-themed board games.

Because we were joined by Our ‘Becca’s fellah, Alex we decided to have gamesnight a day early. Who know, maybe we’ll get another game of something tomorrow.

We started the night with Carcassonne as neither Hannah nor Mrs Rumleech had played it before and I thought it’s medieval Frenchiness might appeal to Mrs Rumleech.

The All-Meeple Glee Club Display Team provided our pre-match entertainment tonight. Please, everyone, give them a big hand!

and here we have the complete river. Hannah has gone for a very early farmer strategy - we’ll see how that does later.

No one trusts my shuffling and to demonstrate this Mrs Rumleech elected to pick from each tile stack in turn. Honestly! I try to not be offended but it can be hard some days.

I placed the highlighted tile rather to passively-aggressively for Hannah (in blue). She hasn’t spoken to me since.

This is our completed Languedoc - Hannah just skipped to an easy victory thatnks to her early-bird farmer and I came away weeping openly.

The chaps and I held a post-mortem and have decided that it’s all Jean-Claude’s fault.

We moved onto another oldie but goldie, Ticket to Ride, which Alex had never played before, an opportunity for teaching.

Is this how the US looks to Canadians?

There was a lot of blocking in this game, the area east of Oklahoma was an especially hot spot.

The fighting then moves to my quiet corner and stops my attempt to get longest track, dammit! (Notice Hannah’s blue, is she getting revenge for earlier do we think?)

The game ended soon after this (Our ‘Becca winning but in a much tighter competition than Carcassonne so I didn’t feel nearly so ashamed). Alex seemed to enjoy himself so he can come back!