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The most intense round of tabletop I’ve ever played. First off: Yes, those are Hobbit pawns from the Lord of the Rings Board Game, and yeah, we had the character cards on the table to keep track of who’s who on the dungeon map. And yeah - we ALL managed to get up to level 9 within the last few rounds. And in the end, at nearly 1am, it was my turn, and we had an epic throw down. I reached an effective battle strength of 23, was immune to curses, super munchkin, half-blood, with a cheat-card allowing me to equip a 2-handed item in addition to a one handed item, and was facing a level 15 monster - no worries there. My dear fellow adventurers gave the monster a buddy, to which I replied ‘is that all you got’ and conjured my doppelganger. What followed was a half hour effort in math, as my friends kept buffing the monster, and I kept discarding hand cards to out-buff my opponent(s). 

In the end, it was a matter of a single point - and I won. I have never felt so epic about winning, though I wouldn’t even have minded losing after that amazing attempt to take me down - and after we all made the question of who’d win THAT close.

Their mistake, by the way, was turning the monster undead, at which point I was very, very happy about choosing priest as my secondary class. Without the option to discard cards for bonuses against undead monsters, I don’t think I could have hauled it in.

Thank you, Tabletop, for introducing me to Munchkin!

After nearly a year having first seen the TableTop episode featuring the game, I was finally able to get my greedy gamer hands on a fresh copy.  Time to find out who the traitor(s) is/are.

As an added quirk, does anyone else see this as a bit of a story-telling tool like Fiasco, just for horror instead.  You have the exploration/setup of the plot for the movie/film/thing, the reveal that things are a bit less kosher than they seemed, and then all hell can break loose and the way the game turned out can decide the outcome of the “party.”  Any takers?  Yes?  No?  Bueller?

An epic defense @Gencon 2014 by my 11 year old son using Vadar, after my A-Wing rolled 3 crits at close range.  He went on to win the game handily.  He later scored a night cap win by disintegrating my Slave I with a 4 hit proton torpedo strike, which I came up empty on my defense roll. 

While admittedly humbled, it was a proud moment to have my son beat me soundly at a game we both love.

YES!!!  …It has arrived at last…. Let the survival begin……

Thanks Colby!!!

Finally won a game of Solitaire Mage Knight.  You can see Goldyx the Dragon Mage standing on his pile of corpses (chips) on the table.  Took me seven playthroughs but finally success.

How the board had moved around before my first move.  It gave me a chance to refill drinks and snacks at game night.  I went on to also lose LRC, and TtR India but we saved the castle in Castle Panic, so at least that is something!

A selection of games played (and reading material) from our camping trip this past week. Can’t wait for the pre-order of Dead of Winter to arrive.

My husband is a big fan of both Tabletop and Ticket To Ride. We recently got a chance to play Ticket To Ride at our Wednesday night game night. We had a lot of fun. We also got to show off the box he made to hold all his maps. I painted the outside.

First timed run-through of Space Alert. Getting use to the rules before I teach it to others. My Sitting Duck class scout ship (yes that is what it is called) did not make it. Well there is always another crew ready to go. Let that be a lesson to you folks. Make sure to move the mouse so the screensaver doesn’t come on and turn the ship off and two people cannot go down an elevator meant for one person. This might be one of the most fun games I have ever played. Did I forget to mention you only get 10 minutes to figure out all your actions . Now imagine 5 people all doing that together and you see why this will be way fun muhahahahahahahaha!

Started gaming at my local game store the last few weeks.  I am having a blast trying all kinds of new games.  Here was our partially complete game of Elderitch Horrors from last week.