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Some of the goodies that will be given away for Halfway to Tabletop Day, a gaming event this Saturday, which will help us all with our International Tabletop Day withdrawals. (Including Tokaido, from the upcoming season of TableTop!)

Playing SMASH UP on a rainy day on our vacation to Rhodos, Greece. 

This weekend my friends and I survived Forbidden Island after three consecutive trips to the bottom of the sea. At least one of us was dressed for the unpredictable weather on the island. It was a blast, thanks to Tabletop for introducing us to yet another fabulous game. We can’t wait for season three! 

Played Pandemic on Legendary last night with a couple of friends. It was intense. We had a quarantine specialist, a researcher, a dispatcher and the contingency planner. The game started off well (as it usually does) and with half the diseases cured,l with the 3rd about to be cured, all hell broke loose. We lost in one turn by running out of cards, running out of cubes and outbreaks all at once. How did we lose? Take your pick. We may have killed the whole world, but we sure had fun doing it!

The link to the article I recently posted about running Xwing demonstrations at a local convention called Xenocon. 

We all get together on Sunday night for our Game Night.  Tonight we started with a quick game of Get Bit, then lost miserably on Pandemic.  After a nice dinner of turkey burger with a cranberry jelly spread and a few hands of Cards against Humanity, and finishing the evening off with a game of Ticket to Ride.  And much like Wil Wheaton, I lost every single game.  Next week we have Settlers of Catan, Takendoko, and King of Tokyo.  

First play of Dead of Winter at the local game store.  I really suck at being a traitor.  I have no poker face.

So a couple of week ago I’m browsing the internet and find out there’s a gaming group in Bolton (near Manchester). It’s 2 bus rides away from me. Despite this I decided to give it a go because I’m interested in all the things the “Will and his friends” (hi!) but none of my family and friends are. It’s called “Gamers of North Manchester, England”. This group has been around since 2007 and bi-annually they have all day gaming days and the turn out if pretty big! 

So I trot along to the meet. It’s in an upstairs room of a pub gloriously named “Doffcocker Inn”. I got a beer and make my way upstairs to find the friendliest group of people I’ve ever met. In total I played 3 games Ginkgopolis, Mall of Horrors and Five Tribes (the new Days of Wonder game that came out that very same day!). I haven’t been back because I either worked that evening or I had to go to bed early to get to work early the next morning (I think it’s a work conspiracy to stop me enjoying myself :p) but I would never have found this unexplored joy in my life if it wasn’t for TableTop. I liked playing games but only the ones you generally find in every home in the UK. These games that I’ve been watching on the internet and playing at the pub are just fantastic! And the blokes that run this group know their stuff. They say they own 1000 games between them. When I named games (99% games I’ve seen on TT) they both said they owned them.

I will definately go to this again (work permitting) so THANKYOU WIL! THANKYOU GnS! 


Five Tribes

Five Tribes

With a lazy weekend planned, it didn’t take much to decide to break out some board games with the kids.
On Saturday we broke out Pandemic, with 4 epidemic cards, and managed to eke out a win. It was pretty close, and one epidemic card was right at the bottom of the deck which helped.

Happy faces :)

We followed up with a quick game of This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the 2-4 of Us, a tile-laying game a bit lik
e Carcassone, but with somewhat simpler scoring.

Sunday afternoon’s session began with a game of Star Fluxx. It probably has a little two much reading in it fo
r my youngest, but they want to play games they’ve seen Wil play! The lack of long-term strategy probably favo
urs my youngest, and he managed to win the first game by himself (with a little help from Dad ;) )

When he went off to a party, my daughter wanted to get Pandemic out. She wanted to play at Standard level - 5
epidemic cards! The first game, playing as Medic and Scientist, started out well. We cured the yellow disease
(I believe it was “the worms”) pretty quickly, but started getting hit with yellow cards and epidemic cards so
on after that, leaving 3 cubes all over Africa and ending our game with a massive set of outbreaks.

Because it had ended so quickly, we reset the game, swapped roles, and dug in for a 2nd game. This time, with
some careful planning, we managed to win with 2 epidemic cards still in the deck. \o/

Happy Girl

Dad pretending to be Wil

Play More Games!

Last week myself and my regular gaming friend started a small games group \o/ (No pictures yet….)

We started with a game of Darjeeling  - quite a fun euro-style game involving collecting and shipping crates of tea. We followed up with a quick game of Ca$h ‘n Gun$ - 2nd edition only just out of the shrinkwrap! 

Last night we finally moved into the “As Seen on Tabletop” territory with a great 5-player game of Lords of Waterdeep. The best thing is that one of my friends brought her 17-year-old son, who is very much into D&D and was really excited to play. We had an epic game - extremely close with only 2 points in it at the final count. Everyone enjoyed it greatly and it’s definitely one of my favourite games at the moment. (Must get the expansion….)

We finished again with Ca$h ‘n Gun$ with the most epic ending possible - in the final round, 4 players took each other out leaving the fifth to take all 8 loot cards and the victory!

(Next week will hopefully include The Resistance, and maybe Dixit or Catan depending on numbers)