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Started gaming at my local game store the last few weeks.  I am having a blast trying all kinds of new games.  Here was our partially complete game of Elderitch Horrors from last week.

DM said I’d have to cut off my arm and throw it on the table if I’d wanted to use one of those during gaming.

Do you sometimes just pick up your dice & roll em because they’re there?Yeah, me too…

Do you sometimes just pick up your dice & roll em because they’re there?
Yeah, me too…


'While the Wheatonights are active receive one victory coin for every Table Top game in the room at the end of your turn' Wil Wheaton himself decided how many reinforcement this race should have.

I painted my munchkin pawns today

We did it! We finally beat Pandemic! It only took… forever… but we did it! Now that we beat it on introductory mode… time for heroic mode!

With our lives crazy of late, gaming time is at a premium. Given this, I’ve developed a real appreciation for interesting “filler” games - those short games that are quick to break out, learn, and play.  One of these that we’ve recently added to our collection is The Builders: Middle Ages. It works well as a 2-player game, and we’re pretty darn evenly matched. We’ve each won a few games, and scores are always close. Given its portability, I’m guessing this one will be traveling with us at the end of the month when we get away for a few days.

From my vacation: What better way to wait for the Fireworks on the Mall in DC than with a little Star Fluxx?  The only downside was the wind kept trying to take off with the cards…maybe we should have brought Oz Fluxx instead…

Our gaming group is made up of four families of friends, many of us pals since high school. All of our older kids (7, 10, 12, 12) enjoy gaming with us, too. This weekend we celebrated our fourth annual Games*a*palooza open house board game party. With my folks kicking us off with King of Tokyo and my 3 year old niece playing Speedy Diner with my kids, our 15 gamers ranged in age from 3 to 72. These are the games we played this year:

FRIDAY 2:30-11:30p King of Tokyo; Say Anything Family Edition; Takenoko; Speedy Diner; Space Cadets: Dice Duel; Wrath of Ashardalon; Dread Curse; Lords of Waterdeep; Lord$ of Vega$

SATURDAY 10:30a-11:00p Marvel Legendary; Takenoko; Merchant of Venus; Zombicide; Ultimate Werewolf; My Word!; Ultimate Werewolf; Kingsburg; Galaxy Trucker; Settlers of Catan; Word on the Street; Say Anything Family Edition

We had as many as three games being played concurrently at times. We played very few filler games this year, while we did a great job coordinating the longer games so they would wrap up around the same time, such as when we ran Merchant of Venus and Zombicide at the same time (each run about  2 hours). A lot of folks were able to try new games this year, which was cool. My 7 year old son was so excited to play Kingsburg again that he started to set it up by himself. The surprise hit was Ultimate Werewolf. We got everyone in on the game and we laughed so much. My 10 year old daughter did a great job as the moderator: setting up, teaching, and running the whole thing. Our friends tell us that they look forward to this party all year. So do we.

Due to an incredible sale on at a UK shop, I picked up a copy of Darjeeling at a ridiculous price. Finally broke it out of the shrink wrap at the weekend. Didn’t really buy it to play with the kids, but gave it a shot anyway. We had good fun (although it is possible to run away with the lead). 

Lil' Wil Wheaton takes a look

Lil’ Wil Wheaton takes a look at the (ridiculously large) box.

Playing Darjeeling

My daughter seemed to have fun - she grasped all the basic concepts, and the beginnings of the strategy.

Final board

Sadly, Daddy hasn’t quite worked out how to manipulate the gameplay enough to keep it even until the end…..