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Played a junior-ized version of “Ticket to Ride” with my nephew again this afternoon and I was joined by Mrs Rumleech and Hannah. He had a heck of a lot of fun with it and he’s eager for another game. Next time I’ll introduce some more of the full rules, I think he’ll cope.

He was more interested in making patterns on the board and laying lines of his favourite colours than playing tactically but that’ll come all in good time, which meant that Mrs Rumleech could romp home to an easy victory which pleased her lots.

The Sunday before Easter, cggardner and I went to an impromptu game night at novella152001 house to play some Munchkin and eat cake. Charles had made a strawberry cake with Smurf icing and I was having none of it. After catching up, we started our game. It got pretty intense when Sarah tried to gank me when I went to kill my first monster. At the end, with everyone tied at 9 and novella152001 tried really hard to kill my character so I couldn’t win. But I gotcggardner to help, and him being an elf also gained a level. So we both won in a tie. Leaving novella152001 all alone in the loser’s circle.

How we roll on the holiday!  Thanks to Tabletop, the family’s been hooked on Pandemic, Munchkins and a few others!  Thanks Wil!

-The Brundrett Family

It’s a Ticket to Ride Easter party! Amanda is 5-0 at this game.  Time to take her down.

25 years of me running Star Wars Roleplaying Game in Malaysia.

Top: Sometime around April 1989, with West End Games’ Star Wars D6.

Bottom: Today (April 2014), with Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars Edge of the Empire.

Our epic 3 hour long catan ends is victory for the parent! (me)  long live emperor Daddy! 

So, i decided to show my friend , zombie dice. My first turn was decent, but my friend picked up 3 dice, 2 green and one yellow, and rolled 3 shots to the face. Later i was down by seven points, and i was making hype that i was going to do great, rolled 3 shots.

On a 3x3 foot mat, this is what happens when nerds play with no fear.

I’m a fast strong smart radioactive plague zombie wearing Christmas lights…