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Some of the goodies that will be given away for Halfway to Tabletop Day, a gaming event this Saturday, which will help us all with our International Tabletop Day withdrawals. (Including Tokaido, from the upcoming season of TableTop!)

Quick game of Tsuro at our university Gamessoc Icebreaker. Things didn’t end well.

This was the last scene in a game of X-Wing.

In that X-wing sits poor little Luke Skywalker living out his last few seconds of life while at the same time being on fire. 

He doesn’t fair well in a fight against anything much bigger than a womp-rat.

Playing SMASH UP on a rainy day on our vacation to Rhodos, Greece. 

This weekend my friends and I survived Forbidden Island after three consecutive trips to the bottom of the sea. At least one of us was dressed for the unpredictable weather on the island. It was a blast, thanks to Tabletop for introducing us to yet another fabulous game. We can’t wait for season three! 

Played Pandemic on Legendary last night with a couple of friends. It was intense. We had a quarantine specialist, a researcher, a dispatcher and the contingency planner. The game started off well (as it usually does) and with half the diseases cured,l with the 3rd about to be cured, all hell broke loose. We lost in one turn by running out of cards, running out of cubes and outbreaks all at once. How did we lose? Take your pick. We may have killed the whole world, but we sure had fun doing it!

The link to the article I recently posted about running Xwing demonstrations at a local convention called Xenocon. 

We all get together on Sunday night for our Game Night.  Tonight we started with a quick game of Get Bit, then lost miserably on Pandemic.  After a nice dinner of turkey burger with a cranberry jelly spread and a few hands of Cards against Humanity, and finishing the evening off with a game of Ticket to Ride.  And much like Wil Wheaton, I lost every single game.  Next week we have Settlers of Catan, Takendoko, and King of Tokyo.  

How can you go wrong with tabletop games at a beer bar eating bar pizza? You can’t. Thursday Game Night has become that day in the week we look forward to. We love learning the new games that have been picked up at cons or at the local gaming stores.