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With a lazy weekend planned, it didn’t take much to decide to break out some board games with the kids.
On Saturday we broke out Pandemic, with 4 epidemic cards, and managed to eke out a win. It was pretty close, and one epidemic card was right at the bottom of the deck which helped.

Happy faces :)

We followed up with a quick game of This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the 2-4 of Us, a tile-laying game a bit lik
e Carcassone, but with somewhat simpler scoring.

Sunday afternoon’s session began with a game of Star Fluxx. It probably has a little two much reading in it fo
r my youngest, but they want to play games they’ve seen Wil play! The lack of long-term strategy probably favo
urs my youngest, and he managed to win the first game by himself (with a little help from Dad ;) )

When he went off to a party, my daughter wanted to get Pandemic out. She wanted to play at Standard level - 5
epidemic cards! The first game, playing as Medic and Scientist, started out well. We cured the yellow disease
(I believe it was “the worms”) pretty quickly, but started getting hit with yellow cards and epidemic cards so
on after that, leaving 3 cubes all over Africa and ending our game with a massive set of outbreaks.

Because it had ended so quickly, we reset the game, swapped roles, and dug in for a 2nd game. This time, with
some careful planning, we managed to win with 2 epidemic cards still in the deck. \o/

Happy Girl

Dad pretending to be Wil

Play More Games!

Last week myself and my regular gaming friend started a small games group \o/ (No pictures yet….)

We started with a game of Darjeeling  - quite a fun euro-style game involving collecting and shipping crates of tea. We followed up with a quick game of Ca$h ‘n Gun$ - 2nd edition only just out of the shrinkwrap! 

Last night we finally moved into the “As Seen on Tabletop” territory with a great 5-player game of Lords of Waterdeep. The best thing is that one of my friends brought her 17-year-old son, who is very much into D&D and was really excited to play. We had an epic game - extremely close with only 2 points in it at the final count. Everyone enjoyed it greatly and it’s definitely one of my favourite games at the moment. (Must get the expansion….)

We finished again with Ca$h ‘n Gun$ with the most epic ending possible - in the final round, 4 players took each other out leaving the fifth to take all 8 loot cards and the victory!

(Next week will hopefully include The Resistance, and maybe Dixit or Catan depending on numbers)

We have a weekly game night. Our 3 year old sleeps right through everything, but our 9 month old often wakes up near the end, but can usually be settled pretty quickly. A few weeks ago she wouldn’t go back to sleep, so I brought her downstairs as we were almost done with our game of Settlers of Catan. For the record, they won that game.

Helping Daddy win at Settlers of Catan

Thursday was usual board game day. 7 Wonders, Catan (which the ending is pictured), Dominion, Takenoko and Alhambra. Won Takenoko~

Sunday I was asked to join a huge group at a Hobby shop to play. Started with Decent, few rounds of Avalon, two games of Bang! which lead to my first play through of Betrayal at the house on the Hill, followed by a game of Lost Legends (which I won at, woo!) then lastly we played 2 games of Survive: Escape From Atlantis. Which I won the first round, and really, really lost the second one, lol.

Two great days filled with classic and new board games. Looking forward to playing more!

Taking suggestions for the new Loser’s Couch?

Really awesome Tabletop-focused display at Games @ PI, Singapore!

The most intense round of tabletop I’ve ever played. First off: Yes, those are Hobbit pawns from the Lord of the Rings Board Game, and yeah, we had the character cards on the table to keep track of who’s who on the dungeon map. And yeah - we ALL managed to get up to level 9 within the last few rounds. And in the end, at nearly 1am, it was my turn, and we had an epic throw down. I reached an effective battle strength of 23, was immune to curses, super munchkin, half-blood, with a cheat-card allowing me to equip a 2-handed item in addition to a one handed item, and was facing a level 15 monster - no worries there. My dear fellow adventurers gave the monster a buddy, to which I replied ‘is that all you got’ and conjured my doppelganger. What followed was a half hour effort in math, as my friends kept buffing the monster, and I kept discarding hand cards to out-buff my opponent(s). 

In the end, it was a matter of a single point - and I won. I have never felt so epic about winning, though I wouldn’t even have minded losing after that amazing attempt to take me down - and after we all made the question of who’d win THAT close.

Their mistake, by the way, was turning the monster undead, at which point I was very, very happy about choosing priest as my secondary class. Without the option to discard cards for bonuses against undead monsters, I don’t think I could have hauled it in.

Thank you, Tabletop, for introducing me to Munchkin!

Boyfriend and I played this last night and it was half game play half resetting everything after the cat’s rampaged across the board

After nearly a year having first seen the TableTop episode featuring the game, I was finally able to get my greedy gamer hands on a fresh copy.  Time to find out who the traitor(s) is/are.

As an added quirk, does anyone else see this as a bit of a story-telling tool like Fiasco, just for horror instead.  You have the exploration/setup of the plot for the movie/film/thing, the reveal that things are a bit less kosher than they seemed, and then all hell can break loose and the way the game turned out can decide the outcome of the “party.”  Any takers?  Yes?  No?  Bueller?

A friend just got back from Gencon and he brought a bunch of new games, including this one, Hyperborea, that isn’t even out until October. Loved it, and can’t wait to play again.