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Thank you Wil Wheaton/Tabletop/Geek and Sundry for inspiring my wife and I to start our first family tradition! My wife and I got married a little over a year and a half ago after 8 years of being together. Our aspirations in life have always been family-oriented. That’s why, after getting hooked on TableTop, we decided that we would start having game night once a week! After every night, the victor gets a “tabletop trophy” and their picture on the fridge for a week. As our family grows, so will the competition… And the game night photo albums, haha! The thought of seeing our future children start to gradually appear as game night champions in those albums is heartwarming and motivating. We feel like we’ve received a gift from you guys, and for that we’re incredibly grateful!

Tonight we played Ticket to Ride. Meredith, my wife, pulled some incredible routes, completed them all, and ended up with an insanely long route. In other words, she destroyed me. Here is her TableTop Champ photo from our inaugural game night!
Thanks again!!!!
Marc and Meredith

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