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Dear Wil:

This isn’t your typical As Seen on Tabletop post, but I had to take the time to thank you. My dad was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer last year, and he lost his fight Saturday.
During this whole time, we have been watching Tabletop and buying some of the games you all featured. During the time that Dad was in the hospital, we brought the games. They provided a welcome distraction for my family while we were dealing with some hard subjects.
After Dad passed, we had a houseful of kids that were sad, scared and confused. We brought out the games, like Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride, and while they can’t heal the hurt, it has been good to see the kids smile and get excited again.
Thank you and Geek and Sundry for bringing us this show. Not only has it given us something to look forward to on Thursdays, but it also has brought us closer in a very tough time.

(And the Owens Family)

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    Can there be one post on my dash that doesn’t make me burst into tears???No, but this is amazing. Games are amazing....
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    This reminds me of the time My family and I spent playing Phase 10 in the hospital lobby. There must of been 15-25 of us...
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    I have something in my eye. To the Owens family: my sympathies.
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    This is really a must read.
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    So. Many. Feels.
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