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My fiance, mom, dad and myself played some Castle Panic! after the family Christmas open house last weekend.  

(I’ve been telling my mom to watch TableTop for awhile, but last time she tried she got side-tracked by a link into Wil’s blog and ended up just reading a bunch of that. Damn you, Wheaton!)

We previously played some Munchkin (with my grandmother too!), but found it to be a bit much, at least when none of us had played it before. [That will get another shot later]

Our Castle Panic! game went pretty well, with us rebuilding walls and wiping out orcs, goblins, and trolls with no problems.  But then we got a few “draw X monster tokens” tokens near the end…. Our last tower ended up falling to the last monster (a troll with full hitpoints, so it wasn’t *that* close) as he got into our castle and romped around as we could do nothing.

It was pretty awesome seeing the game dynamic turn around that quick, from “hey, this is easy” to “oh, no, we’re done for!”.  It also (and more importantly), went from “this is kinda fun” to “that was great, we’ll have to do this or that next time”

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