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The last time a couple of new gaming friends came over we introduced them to Pandemic.  The board defeated us rather quickly.  Last night, we tried to have a better showing… and the viruses laughed at us.  On the first turn of the game an epidemic card was turned, we had FOUR outbreaks and ran out of black virus cubed before anyone else could blink.  Quickest. Game.  Ever.

We reset the game and tried again, and won!  We also played Castle Panic (lost together) and Shadows Over Camelot (won together!).  A night of co-op games was a fantastic way to spend a cold Saturday night.

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    This looks like fun!
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    First time I ever played this, Ian was first to go. We lost. In one fucking turn. It was awesome.
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    I don’t play much table top games - I rather enjoy watching other people play, though - but cooperative games really...
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    Just sold my copy of Pandemic; I’ve discovered I’m not a co-op kinda guy. That and the game is a dick :(
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    Usually board games freak the hell out of me and I hate them… …but I want to play the fuck out of this.
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    i…can’t remember? i think we at least did a shot or something whenever the disease evolved, but there had to have been...
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    What are the rules for the drinking version? i like where this is going