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My brother and I live on opposite coasts but stay connected through the wonders of technology and bonding over geeky stuff. We had been talking about tabletop gaming earlier in the year, and in trying to up my gaming knowledge, I had discovered Tabletop and immediately shared it with him.

I had the rare opportunity to visit my brother a few weeks ago, and, in preparation for my visit, my awesome brother bought a handful of games featured on Tabletop that we had discussed. I spent much of my vacation week with my brother and his friends connecting over Ticket to Ride and Munchkin, among others. (Don’t worry, we also got out some too. Those 20- and 30-something childless adults at Legoland? They were us.)

Just wanted to thank everyone at Tabletop and the Geek & Sundry channel for (a) giving us another piece of media to geek out over together, and for (b) generally celebrating the goodness and togetherness that geekery brings.

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