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Finally won a game of Solitaire Mage Knight.  You can see Goldyx the Dragon Mage standing on his pile of corpses (chips) on the table.  Took me seven playthroughs but finally success.

How the board had moved around before my first move.  It gave me a chance to refill drinks and snacks at game night.  I went on to also lose LRC, and TtR India but we saved the castle in Castle Panic, so at least that is something!

So we asked to use the back room of a bar a couple weeks ahead of time.  They put up this sign, complete with “nerds” comment without any prompting from us.  It did get a couple to come back and join us while we played!  Shout out to Pacific Standard in Brooklyn, NY.

A selection of games played (and reading material) from our camping trip this past week. Can’t wait for the pre-order of Dead of Winter to arrive.

My husband is a big fan of both Tabletop and Ticket To Ride. We recently got a chance to play Ticket To Ride at our Wednesday night game night. We had a lot of fun. We also got to show off the box he made to hold all his maps. I painted the outside.

First timed run-through of Space Alert. Getting use to the rules before I teach it to others. My Sitting Duck class scout ship (yes that is what it is called) did not make it. Well there is always another crew ready to go. Let that be a lesson to you folks. Make sure to move the mouse so the screensaver doesn’t come on and turn the ship off and two people cannot go down an elevator meant for one person. This might be one of the most fun games I have ever played. Did I forget to mention you only get 10 minutes to figure out all your actions . Now imagine 5 people all doing that together and you see why this will be way fun muhahahahahahahaha!

Started gaming at my local game store the last few weeks.  I am having a blast trying all kinds of new games.  Here was our partially complete game of Elderitch Horrors from last week.

DM said I’d have to cut off my arm and throw it on the table if I’d wanted to use one of those during gaming.

Thank you Wil Wheaton for Table Taop, and for reminding me just how much fun Table Top gaming is.  I now have a group that gets together for about four hours each week to play several shorter games.  Our favorites being Qwirkle and Zombie Dice.  I had some printed counters for Zombie Dice, but it never seemed right.  Then this idea hit us. Lego Heads.  A quick E Bay search found me an assorted lot of 50 heads.

Oh, going to the Lego Store at Mall of America and asking if you can just buy some Mini-Fig heads only really gets you strange looks from managers, and other customers wondering if their children are safe around you.  :D

Do you sometimes just pick up your dice & roll em because they’re there?Yeah, me too…

Do you sometimes just pick up your dice & roll em because they’re there?
Yeah, me too…