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Our youngest game player for tabletop day was three and a half years old. (Intl TTD at U. of Denver)

The tweeted pic that started it all….

Who would’ve thought an idea of doing an Owlbear cosplay for Tabletop Day would’ve caused so much fun!? I made a Twitter account for it & after some retweets from Wil & Bo, it’s just snowballed, phone was running rampant all Tabletop Day with favourites & retweet pings.

I’ve been the gaming geek my entire life. Three friends of mine & I have gamed basically every single week since we were in

A computer gamer from back when a 286 with Power Menu was state of the art, I was hooked on great games (mostly Sierra’s) from youth. From there my uncle introduced me to D&D, got a group together in early High School, we still game weekly to this day over 20 years later.

We found Magic: The Gathering as 4th Ed came out. Never having much money, I didn’t stay with it for too long, especially with my rotten booster draw luck. Games Workshop took a lot of our funds already between 40K, Blood Bowl & Necromunda.
But it was a few years back and two other friends of mine simply changed my life, ramping up the gaming level to 11.

I played RoboRally. That was the first domino to fall. Then I got introduced to Carcassone, Ticket to Ride, Totally Renamed Spy Game, Pandemic, Werewolf, Battlestar Galactica and more. It was an avalanche and I was caught up in it and loving it as it swept me along to awesomeness.

I was lucky to watch the first episode of Tabletop the day it went up. Giddily, I told my friend about it, by sheer coincidence, he’d picked up Smallworld that week without knowing anything about the show. After about 3 rewatchings of the ep, I basically could play the game on the first try with barely an additional rule explained to me.
I found a local board game group (well, still an hour’s drive away) then PAX came to Australia. My collection of new games kept growing and I was bringing more and more friends into the ‘fold’.

Then International Tabletop Day was announced and I jumped on board.
I think we were actually the only event in Melbourne. My partner Jess, took a whole heap of footage and uploaded it, we were running a kind of pre-show to the USA. 3am local time and a handful of us are still up as Amy popped up on screen with the Livestream. We watched through Takenoko then finally succumbed to sleep.

Since then, we’ve had a half dozen other events of massive Tabletop Game days. Each one getting bigger than the last. 30-40 people turn up at our house with the 7 tables we have set up & everyone has a brilliant time. Some are hardcore gamers, some social, some just new & looking to learn. Friends have brought their friends, we’ve set up a little community where a retail store just isn’t about to visit & play in.

This Tabletop Day was no exception. Though this time, I hired a bear costume minus the head, bought an Owl mask off Ebay, painted to match & set up a Twitter for a laugh. Oh boy, what a result! J

More games will be played and more massive days ahead. I’m backing Season 3 next week when I get paid next, I NEED those dvds & can’t wait for the new season to begin!

Melbourne, Australia. Tabletop Day 2014!
(Might recognise a few faces from the Geek & Sundry trailer, we did a lot of videos last year too)

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I had a great Tabletop day teaching people Arkham Horror! Our ancient one? Cthulhu himself. 

Just because we were away at a Living History event didnt stop us doing our bit for International Tabletop Day!..  here we are portraying Federal Troops of 1864 indulging in some pastimes..   chess, dice and ‘3,5,7’  . .
Greetings from the UK!

My personal Trophy of awesome

I found a trophy at goodwill then added some gaming details. During our game nights I write with winners name on my personal trophy of awesome and they get their picture taken. I take back the trophy but they get to keep the piece of paper. A little bit of Tabletop brought to my game group.

Pirate Munchkin board

I made some Munchkin boards for my Brother and my Sister-in-law

super munchkin board

I’ve always been a huge gaming fan, and of course I’ve been watching Tabletop since it’s been on. I have my own channel that’s dedicated mostly to war gaming, but it also has some other conflict-type games as well, such as Last Night on Earth, seen here.