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Due to an incredible sale on at a UK shop, I picked up a copy of Darjeeling at a ridiculous price. Finally broke it out of the shrink wrap at the weekend. Didn’t really buy it to play with the kids, but gave it a shot anyway. We had good fun (although it is possible to run away with the lead). 

Lil' Wil Wheaton takes a look

Lil’ Wil Wheaton takes a look at the (ridiculously large) box.

Playing Darjeeling

My daughter seemed to have fun - she grasped all the basic concepts, and the beginnings of the strategy.

Final board

Sadly, Daddy hasn’t quite worked out how to manipulate the gameplay enough to keep it even until the end…..

Not so much ‘as seen on TableTop’ as ‘Inspired by TableTop’.

My six-year old and I have been plowing through Mice & Mystics, and really enjoying the story. I guess it’s the beginning of some light roleplaying as well.

Enjoying Mice & Mystics

Our ‘Becca and Alex, her fellah, are staying with us and brought Tokaido to play. Dutiful children. Yay, my first Antoine Bauza game!

Before we start I’d better get this out of the way…


Oh you tak the low road,

An’ I’ll Tokaido.

An’ Ill be in Edo,

Afore ye!

I am so, so sorry.

This is me, Zen-emon, the Merchant. His special ability is that he can buy 1 item at each village cheap. Let’s see if that turns out to be useful.

Getting to know each other at the starting inn. Suspicious looks over the chopsticks. 

In case any of you were wondering,  I do bathe. And look, everything IS better with monkeys.

 Here we all are at Old Edo and what a turn up for the books, Mrs Rumleech won. Again. She even beat me at the shopping. Still, I did have the most expensive repasts and scored the Gourmet bonus. Art following life, perhaps?

This was a lovely, light entertainment. I’ll play this again.

Had to play a few rounds while camping over the 4th of July. Sasquatches were prevalent in the game, but unfortunately not in the campground.

So, we played another game of Ticket to Ride and it was rather tense the whole game.  I had been ahead from pretty much the start of the game with the shotgun trains.  This however, came quickly into contest as the TaRDiS trains and Cole trains sped out of their stations and across the nation.

We had all drawn extra destination cards and I felt rather smug about mine - one was already completed by my long route, and the other two were right in line.  Everyone played down to their last trains (I was able to use all of mine) and then we started to total points, starting with the person with the least.  Both of the other players jumped to a respectable 120 points after their destinations were calculated.

Then came my turn to reveal.  As I was laying down my destinations, I quickly surpassed them, up to a whopping 136 before my last card.  I then read the two locations, or at least started to, as I realized the 2nd location was Oklahoma City, not Kansas City costing me a very valuable 14 points (but still ahead of the others by 2 points!!).

We then remembered the Globetrotter card and points from the 1910 expansion and since I no longer had 6 completed destination cards (and therefore fell out of the 2-way tie with one of the other players) saw them surpass me.  It becomes even worse when I realize I would have beaten her by 1 FREAKING POINT, if I’d been smart and properly read the Destination Ticket and not picked it up.

Here’s a layout of the end-game.


A friend and I have been picking up games left and right and have been playing with others at the local game and comic book shop every Saturday for the past few months. Thought I’d share some of the pictures I’ve taken recently!

First time playing Carcassonne. The owner of the game included castles and bridges in this play through. I took this picture of the over lapping bridges that I believe eventually made a 12 point completed road.

Later that night I played my first and last game of Krosmasters. Was glad to have the opportunity to try this game! Sadly, I lost because the other two players decided to team up against me. I did have the two more powerful characters (which I was randomly assigned by the owner of the game. Not my fault!).

Another game we don’t own but I think I’m going to add to my wish list. Survive: Escape from Atlantis - very fun game where you try to get your survivors to safety. One of the gentlemen we played with mentioned it was the ‘bloodiest’ he’d ever played. We might have been a bit aggressive when moving the sea monsters and sharks.

Another game of Carcassonne played today with a different expansion. I don’t remember the name but had builders and pig farmers.

Yet even more Carcassonne. And again, with another expansion. I think I ended up tying for first on this one!

In between the games of Carcassonne today, we played Forbidden Island for the first time. We barely made it out of this one even after getting all the items (we started on novice, not as big of an achievement). But had to hope for an airlift card as we had used them all earlier. Did up ending making it out alive - as you can see, it was just barely.

Bottom line? I can’t recommend Carcassonne enough! I couldn’t wait after playing it the first time a few weeks ago. I immediately went back to the store and bought my own copy.

We set up a game of Dominion designed to let you chain together as many actions as possible, and @blueskiesandfireflies managed to draw his entire deck in one turn. He ended up winning, but even if he hadn’t, I think he would have been satisfied with that crowning moment of silliness.

I entered an X-Wing tournament last week. Should’ve won the first & last games I played but for these 3… As it was, I came last (well, aside from the two that dropped out early). They WILL learn their lesson…


Two years ago (in August), I had my first panic attack on the way to work. I had to quit my job and pretty much became a recluse for the first four months. They come very frequently, even when I’m at home and it’s ruined my life as I know it. I couldn’t -and still can’t- leave the house by myself. Like, at all. I can’t even walk down my street on my own.

A year ago, I was talking to a friend of mine and he mentioned that he’d seen TableTop on G&S’s youtube channel. So, I watched it, enjoyed it and then, he said he’d bought Ticket To Ride and that we should play it. We did, awesome…

He then mentioned the notion of starting a local gaming club in town… and I freaked. I started saying sentences that contained ‘I can’t’ ‘What if?’ ‘Not happening’ and generally just like ‘I will die!’. He goes ‘You can. Just try. I’ll help you.’

Now, I’ve officially been diagnosed as having severe social anxiety and agoraphobia. At the time, I shook with fear at the thought of seeing people outside of my house.

However, I realised that as soon as I got to the place, I felt okay. (My sister had to drive me)

I’ve been playing there for a year, getting out of the house, and I’m getting better. I now walk to club every week. I love table top games and I can now say, after two years of suffering, I’m getting my life back and I owe it to gaming.

TableTop made me want to see people again. I hated people for making me feel worse. I’m now getting to like people again and it makes me happy so…

Thank you Wil. Thank you Felicia. Thank you EVERYONE who works on TableTop. You’ve saved my life.